Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm back! (Hopefully For Good)

So I started this blog in hopes that it would become a permanent part of my life - somewhere I would express my love for beauty products and beauty-related things, document my reviews, discoveries and disappointments in the beauty world and most importantly, something that would keep me sane in the midst my stressful life.

But, typical of so many things that I venture into in my life, I just stopped. I really didn't stop because of any reason in particular, my life just got busy, and I decided to put off writing in this blog until eventually I forgot I had a blog at all! 

But I realized I am in need of this. Even if no one follows this blog, this site gives me an outlet to discuss my thoughts about things that are happening in the beauty world. Nowadays, we are bombarded with so many opinions and advertisements about different products. Whether it be from commercials, late night QVC demos, or beauty YouTube videos, everyone is always trying to get in their two cents and trying to get you to buy into a certain product.

But what about my thoughts? Having bought makeup obsessively for over 6 years now (holy crap!), I feel like I have a lot to say. People have always come to me for beauty advice and recommendations. And I am always up for trying out new and exciting why not share my thoughts!? (Even if no one reads this blog, this can serve to personally document my thoughts on products, because lord knows I can't remember everything I have tried).

So there. I have re-committed myself to this blog. Blackbirdbeauty, I am sorry I left, but I am here now, and I am planning to stay.

Talk to you guys soon,
-- BBB